BLACK+DECKER LSW60C 60V Max Power Boost Blower Review


  • Clear substantial flotsam and jetsam with POWERBOOST – More Power with Push of a Button™
  • Amazing execution with a pivotal fan configuration conveys up to 400CFM
  • Ergonomic handle configuration keeps you agreeable while you work
  • Utilize the metal scrubber to extricate difficult garbage, so nothing gets left behind
  • Worked in condition of charge marker demonstrates to you how much battery control you have left consistently
  • *Maximum starting battery voltage (estimated without an outstanding task at hand) is 60V. Ostensible voltage is 54V.

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Hub Fan Design Delivers Up To 400 CFM

When you have to clear bunches of leaves in a short measure of time a high CFM rating is significant. BLACK+DECKER structured a pivotal fan fit for giving you 400 CFM, which is sufficiently amazing for any patio nursery.

A velocity of around 100 MPH is incredible as well, so it shouldn’t be dry when you choose to tidy up leaves. In the event that we contrast it with tornados again it would at present be quick enough to reach F1 status.

The 60V Battery Lasts Around 30 Minutes

Clearly the GreenWorks 80V blower battery is significantly better, however one inside the BLACK+DECKER LSW60C is flawlessly satisfactory. In case you’re working at full speed it will last around 10 minutes before it runs out.

At the point when utilized at a normal speed on dry abandons it will keep going for around 30 minutes. I don’t have the foggiest idea what number of leaves tumble from your trees, yet in the event that you have to remain outside any more drawn out you should live close to a woodland.

Ergonomic Handle Is Comfortable To Hold

The BLACK+DECKER 60V blower just weighs 9.7 pounds, which would at present be viewed as lightweight. It’s spread out to guarantee the cordless leaf blower adjusts pleasantly when you’re holding it.

Those two factors alone make it agreeable to hold, however the LSW60C takes it up a dimension. The ergonomic handle is a joy to snatch and it’s anything but difficult to crush the trigger while you’re working.

Metal Scrapper Deals With Stubborn Debris

Here and there leaves won’t have any desire to go anyplace regardless of how much air you shoot them with. It’s generally in light of the fact that they’re adhered to the ground, so you’ll value the metal scrubber on the spout.

On the off chance that anything wouldn’t like to move you can rub it until it’s free enough to overwhelm. Loads of individuals for the most part endeavor this without a metal scrapper and end up harming the tip of their leaf blower.

Has A Built-In State Of Charge Indicator

There will be times when you’ll begin working regardless of whether you’ve neglected to charge your battery previously. You don’t need your leaf blower to run out following a couple of minutes on the grounds that there isn’t sufficient juice.

That won’t be an issue in case you’re utilizing a LSW60C blower. It has a worked in condition of charge marker revealing to you precisely how much power is left. This element can rouse you to accelerate when you’re working.

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