EGO Power+ 480 CFM 3-Speed Turbo 56-Volt Lithium-ion Cordless Electric Blower – 2.0Ah Battery and Charger Kit Review

Why we picked it

Great battery

Some of the time even an additional rope can’t enable you to get to every one of the pieces of your yard that need cleaning. The EGO LB4801 is a cordless leaf blower with a shockingly solid battery. It cleared the challenge in run-time, enduring 22 minutes at most extreme breeze control — an entire 50 percent longer than the challenge. Holding the EGO to low power is still bounty quick enough to clear a more slender leaf layer off the grass, and stretches out the battery life as long as 60 minutes.


Leaf blowers can be bulky and overwhelming, yet we never battled with the EGO. Since it normally indicates the ground, it was anything but difficult to hold over the whole testing session and didn’t expect us to switch hands part of the way through. Its lightweight and well-adjusted body made it a breeze to clear a thick heap of forgets from walkway canals and convey over our lawn.

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Ceaseless power dial

We enjoyed the EGO’s consistent dial, which sits at the front of the handle. When we expected to get the last leaves into our objective square, a basic change downsized the power. Furthermore, when we needed to get an additional burst, we could initiate the turbo catch with a press of our thumb to free leaves that had been wedged into a corner.

Focuses to consider

Costly battery

In contrast to a corded leaf blower, the EGO will in the end come up short on power. On the off chance that you need additional run-time or plan on utilizing persistent high power, think about an extra or a redesigned battery. We utilized EGO’s essential EGO Power 2.5Ah battery Buying an extra methods abandoning one on the charger prepared to go, yet you can likewise move up to EGO’s 4.0Ah, or 5.0Ah battery for a more drawn out run-time.

Be that as it may, these batteries cost near — or more — than the machine itself. Overhauling the EGO’s battery or keeping an extra in your carport is an incredible thought, however it’ll set you back in any event $100 — if not over $200 for the more dominant models.

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