ILIFE A4s Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

1. Arrangement Process

Setting up ILIFE A4 is a straightforward procedure that doesn’t require any expert help or learning. I won’t squander your time on clarifying the arrangement procedure well ordered.

To enact your ILIFE A4, you simply need to press the main catch situated on the outside of the shrewd floor more clean. Aside from this, ILIFE A4 has a remote control, which you can use for booking, mode changes, and so forth.

ILIFE A4’s bundle incorporates a client’s manual that superbly clarifies all aspects of the automated vacuum. In the event that despite everything you stall out during the arrangement procedure, you can contact ILIFE’s help group, and they’ll happily help with anything you believe is important.

2. Plan

Today, when individuals consider obtaining shrewd devices, they ensure that those items are utilitarian as well as look appealing. Brilliant home customers need their keen home contraptions to be eye-satisfying; they regularly appreciate the oddity factor, as well, of the gadgets pulling in the consideration of guests, who are interested and attracted to the moderate, sharp structure.

So it’s basic for our automated vacuums to look great and gleaming. Luckily, ILIFE A4 is very appealing, and a great deal of purchasers have noticed how great the shrewd floor cleaner looks.

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Other than being outwardly alluring, it’s fundamental for a mechanical vacuum to have appropriate measurements with the goal that it can reach and clean the trickiest pieces of your home. Fortunately, ILIFE A4 is a well-planned automated vacuum that has reasonable measurements (12.2 x 12.2 x 3 inches), and it gauges 4.9 pounds.

ILIFE A4 is accessible just in silver, and I should state that it’s one of the more appealing automated vacuums. ILIFE A4 sparkles when it’s initiated, which makes it very wash.

Another focal point is the odds and ends you’ll discover in your ILIFEA4 bundle. So here’s a full organized rundown:

  1. Automated Vacuum x1
  2. Client Manual x1
  3. Remote Control x1
  4. Extra Hepa Filter x1
  5. Additional Side Brush x1
  6. Cleaning Brush x1
  7. Air conditioning Adapter x1
  8. Charging Dock x1

To aggregate up, in the event that we outwardly contrast ILIFEA4 and different models like V3 and V5, we can say that, beyond question, ILIFEA4 wins out over the competition. ILIFE A4 is a savvy floor cleaner with an extraordinary structure.

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3. Execution

The presentation factor can be viewed as the lynchpin of our examination article. Anybody keen on obtaining a mechanical vacuum cleaner will need to know, most importantly, about the genuine exhibition as far as capacity to clean. On the off chance that a savvy floor cleaner can’t spotless to a sensible degree, at that point the potential buyer will need to search for an elective item. In this way, we have to know how well ILIFEA4 can perform and if it’s really worth the speculation.

In any case, I’ll state that ILIFE A4 isn’t as keen as other eminent automated vacuums like the iRobot Roomba 960 and 980. A4 is an arbitrary cleaning keen floor vacuum that consistently misses spots and doesn’t comprehend which spots need pretty much consideration.

In any case, contrasted with V3, the A4 model is far increasingly amazing, more brilliant, quicker and fit. What I adore about A4 is that its smooth measurements (diminished stature) enable it to go under lounge chairs and other low furniture easily.

The expanded speed of this ILIFE model is extraordinary since the A4 can make more progress in less time and henceforth with less battery utilization. ILIFE cites the A4 model as having a 120-150min runtime, yet when we’ve tried it, A4 worked relentless for 180 minutes! Presently, that is a genuine distinct advantage.

You may believe that since the A4 model is shorter, it would mean the dustbin will be shorter as well (for example have less limit) than in the past ILIFE models, or, best case scenario, be a similar size. Yet, the truth of the matter is that ILIFE A4 would now be able to hold increasingly earth, hair and residue. So you don’t need to clean and check it as regularly.

We said that A4 isn’t as savvy as other outstanding models, yet it has some interesting attributes that are noteworthy in any case. For instance, A4 will in a split second know when it contacts the outside of a carpet and when it does, it’ll turn on the profound cleaning and back off so as to convey ideal outcomes.

Another extraordinary thing about A4 is that it runs murmur calm. You may even overlook that you’ve left ILIFE A4 initiated… in spite of the fact that it’s more intense and sounds “increasingly forceful” when you turn ILIFE A4 onto “greatest mode”.

It’s basic to put the docking station in a spot where obstructions are absent with the goal that the mechanical vacuum doesn’t stall out on its way there. At the point when the battery runs low, ILIFE A4 should come back to its docking station naturally.

I’ve had a couple of events when ILIFE A4 got lost on its way to the docking station, however this “blip” is very uncommon.

ILIFE A4 additionally has a remote control that can be utilized to explore, initiate and direction the keen floor more clean. For instance, you can plan your ILIFE with the remote control, direction it to begin cleaning and give extraordinary requests by squeezing the ‘Edge’ or the ‘Spot’ catch. I’ll clarify what these two catches mean:

  1. Edge – It directions ILIFE A4 to concentrate on the divider edges
  2. Spot – It makes ILIFE A4 center around specific spots as it were

The remote control of A4 additionally has a catch that empowers you to:

Respite the cleaning procedure

Put the shrewd floor cleaner in rest mode

You can naturally plan your brilliant floor cleaner by squeezing ‘Plan’ and ‘Clock’ catches on its remote control. You can even direction it to clean your home each day in the meantime.

The most huge downside of ILIFE A4 is that it doesn’t have the Virtual Wall Technology that would cause the savvy floor cleaner to comprehend its environment better. For instance, VW innovation makes automated vacuums increasingly insightful and centered. It restricts them from entering certain spots and makes the entire vacuuming process significantly progressively explicit.

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4. Highlights

Another significant subject we have to expound on is the highlights of A4. On the off chance that A4 doesn’t have the imperative highlights of a mechanical vacuum, we should reconsider before buying it.

Subsequently we’ve made a definite diagram that demonstrates the basic highlights of A4. We should see whether A4 has anything exceptional to offer and in the event that it contrasts from other ILIFE keen floor cleaners.

Highlights OF ILIFE A4

  1. 3-Step Cleaning System
  2. Auto Dock and Recharge
  3. Infrared and Cliff Sensors
  4. Auto Schedule
  5. MAX Mode
  6. Remote Control
  7. Tangle Free Sensors
  8. As should be obvious, ILIFE A4 is an entirely gifted automated vacuum that has a brilliant arrangement of highlights.

5. Favorable circumstances and Disadvantages

It’s additionally basic to know the focal points and disservices to settle on an educated choice. It’s essential to be ‘enlightened up’ on this data previously, instead of after, buy.

To guarantee that you can assimilate the most important subtleties initially, we’ve made a flawless diagram that superbly delineates the advantages and disadvantages of this savvy floor more clean.


  1. MAX Mode
  2. 3-Stage Cleaning System
  3. Easy to Use
  4. Self-Charge
  5. Shrewd Cleaning
  6. Great Battery
  7. Remote Control
  8. Shrewd Schedules
  9. Infrared Sensors
  10. Profound Clean


  1. Sometimes Gets Stuck
  2. Weak Navigation System
  3. Sometimes Can’t Locate the Docking Station